About Us


4 Vert is the premiere 7-on-7 passing league for youth and high school teams. Players are hand selected by the league’s coaches to bring together the best collection of young football players in the area. Coaches in the league are some of the top coaches from local high schools, and will provide players with high school level instruction, preparing them for that next level of competition. The league is for the elite football players looking to sharpen their skills on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. But the focus is not squarely on skills. Coaches emphasize an understanding of the game by teaching players the structure of offenses and defenses, and getting players to recognize different offensive and defensive schemes.


In 2020 the 5 UpFront 5v5 lineman league, in partnership with Jesse Sapolu and his Men In the Trenches group, was introduced to allow for lineman to have the opportunity to compete and showcase their skills in a similar setting to the skill players.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a 7 on 7 passing league and flag football?

Most flag leagues tend to be a little more recreational in nature, and the local flag leagues are played on significantly smaller fields. A 7 on 7 passing league is played on a full width football field starting from the 40 yard line, and is inline with more traditional football.

Why is the registration fee more than flag football leagues?

The registration fee for the league is higher than flag leagues, because players are paying for professional coaches. While recreational leagues use parent volunteers as coaches, 4Vert coaches are top coaches from local high schools. Players are not just paying for games, as they do in recreational leagues, but they are paying for high level instruction from our coaches. Personal training with coaches at this level would run anywhere from $25-150 an hour (based on position), but as a 4Vert participant this cost is built in at a significant discount.

Do coaches represent high schools?

No, our coaches are employees of the 4Vert organization. Any affiliation they have with a high school is not represented in this league. All teams are open to any player wishing to tryout, regardless of what high school they plan on attending.

Does a player have to play in a specific area?

No, a player is welcome to tryout for any team in any area, and may tryout for multiple teams. No player may transfer to another team after playing for a different team.

I’m ready to sign-up, what do I do?

Players will not register with us until they try out for a team and have been informed by the coach that they are on the team. We will post tryout dates on the site, as coaches let us know what days their tryouts will take place. If there is a specific team a player is interested in feel free to contact us, and we can put you in touch directly with that team’s coach who can give more details about tryout dates, times and locations.

Is playing time guaranteed?

Playing time is not guaranteed in this league. While our coaches usually roster players who will see playing time it is not mandatory in this league.

Can travel teams or club teams not affiliated with the league participate in the league?

We do allow for travel/club teams to participate in the league. There is a flat team fee to participate. Please e-mail for details.

What is the age range?

Divisions at the youth level are broken up into single grades from 3rd-8th. The high school division is for players in grades 9th-11th.