Dear Parents, Players, and Staff,

Please note that all eligibility requirements are being run through the Zorts software, youth sports’ leading platform. Since there may be some first-time users to the platform, here is a rundown of the process:


    •    Parents/guardians will not be able to add athletes to the roster without the link. YOU WILL NEED THE SIGN-UP LINK FROM YOUR COACH. They can send it to you by clicking on the plus button under roster.

    •    Once you receive the link, please follow it to the eligibility screen. Choose the role of “PARENT” if you cannot recall whether the account was under your, or your athlete’s name.

    •    For this event, you will need to upload your report card on the site, which can only be added after being added to the roster by your coach.

    •    Players cards are usually approved within five minutes but can take up to 24-48 hours. To expedite your player card approval, please upload a scanned copy of the documentation rather than take a photo.

    •    Report cards will be hand-approved, and thus may take longer to approve. As we get closer to the date of registration, the intervals in which report cards will be validated will increase.

    •    *PLEASE NOTE* after all documentation is submitted, the eligibility screen will say pending approval. This means that you have submitted all necessary documentation and said documentation is awaiting validation. You will receive a notification from Zorts, as well as an email if any of your documentation is incorrect.

    •    Zorts has allotted us a team member to provide direct assistance. They will be overseeing this entire process for us. That team member can be reached via TEXT at (213)-304-2522

On tournament day players will need to check in and receive player wristbands. Check in times and locations will be emailed later this week. Teams that advance to the elimination rounds will have to recheck-in right before those games, and receive a 2nd wristband.

Eligibility rules reminders.

  • Players may play for only one team on tournament day (unless in a completely separate grade level…ex. A player can play for their recognized grade on a  5/6 team and play up on a 7/8 team, but a player cannot play for a 7/8 grade D2 and a 7/8 grade D3 team). We do not want teams stacking lower division teams.
  • A player cannot play for a team unless he has already registered and played during the regular season. New players are ineligible.
  • If a player originally played for a team who is no longer playing in the league they are ineligible to play for any new team.

Finally, mouthpieces are mandatory.