The 4-Vert youth league begins tomorrow. The schedule can be accessed here:

This is a reminder to have all players registered. We know there has been a platform issue and quite a few people have had issues registering. The site provider thinks it is an issue with the picture upload, so if you are having issues please try using a different picture. We have been told the issue was handled yesterday, but just in case inform parents they may need to change the profile picture. You should have received a previous reg link for players, but if not here it is again:

When registering, players will sign their liability waivers. A team page is set up so you can see all your registrations. Any player not registered will not be eligible to play.  A reminder that coaches who allow an unregistered player to participate in an event risk being held personally liable in the case of an injury. Click here for directions on how to access the team page:

Again, here is a quick checklist for coaches:

  1. Have players register for the season at the 4-Vert registration site:
  2. Coaches can view their rosters for regular season by visiting the link and following the directions listed:

Coaches will also need to register their team on Zorts for the championship tournament. Players should complete the Zorts registration by April 12th to be eligible for the championship tournament.  A full check-in with ID and wristbands will take place the day of the event. A player who did not register and participate in league play, is ineligible to play in the tournament. That Zorts link will go out on Tuesday, as the tournament has not been published on Zorts yet.

Each grade has multiple divisions. These divisions are fluid and teams will be moved up and down throughout the season based on performance.

League rules can be accessed here (, but for a quick breakdown of rules that might be different tournament to tournament here they are:
– Ball starts at the 40, with three plays to get the first down at the 20, then from there 4 to score.
– Interceptions are placed at the 30 yard line (no points for an interception)
– One run play between the tackles per series (but no runs inside the 10)
– 3.7 second sack clock (4 seconds for grades 3-4)
– Automatic 1 point conversion, or can elect to go for 2 from the 7 yard line
– No play stoppages, unless due to injury
– All offensive penalties are a loss of down
– No empty sets
– 35 minute games

Players are required to wear mouthguards. Any player who doesn’t have a mouthguard risks being asked to leave the field. Referees view it as a liability issue. Not all refs enforce it as strictly, but everyone has been warned, so no complaining if a ref halts a game because a team doesn’t have mouthpieces.

One last point to emphasize, these games are called under CIF rules, so unsportsmanlike conduct penalties will be thrown for celebrations (kicking/throwing balls, taunting, etc.). Two UCs result in a player being ejected from a game, and a third overall will result in a team forfeit.

March 24
April 7, 14, 21
April 28 – Playoff Tournament